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Lost in Shangri-la: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II - Mitchell Zuckoff This is an amazing story of tragedy, courage, and survival. WWII has provided fodder for many tales, and Zuckoff has taken this one and brilliantly brought it to life. Zuckoff does a wonderful job of introducing the victims/survivors of the 1945 plane crash into the uncharted jungles of Shangri-La New Guinea. It is obvious the author did thorough research. In the beginning you get the back story of the passengers that boarded the fateful “3 hour tour”, just in time to grow attached to them before the crash happens. Once the history is laid down the story began unfold it was very difficult to put this book down.

Zuckoff does a wonderful job of describing the jungles of New Guinea. Reading about the struggles, difficult terrain, and natives of the valley the survivors encountered I could paint a clear picture in my head; the pictures merely add to the effect. Once you start this book you will get wrapped up in a time and place foreign and forgotten to most of us. This was a very enjoyable read.

Thank you for the ARC! It was a pleasure to read!