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Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds - Rusty Bradley, Kevin Maurer From the very first sentence you are thrown into a land and situation that very few of us will ever experience. Exhaustion, pain, responsibility, pride, vengeance and adrenaline bleed out of you. You find yourself experiencing the highs of battle and the lows of losing a brother. All in all something you will never forget.

The authors do an excellent job of showing you what it was like to be involved in an extremely important battle that would have very little if any publicity. Reading this book gives you a first hand account of what it was like to roll into enemy territory and deliver a hefty blow to the enemy by taking over a strategic land mark that would cause ripple effects in the War on Terror. Through this reading experience you get to know fellow soldiers so well that it makes sense they call each other brothers. The amazing selfless acts will leave you humbled and thankful that there are people capable of that willing to stand and protect our country and way of life.

So many details of what members of the United States Military have done for our country are brushed under the rug or watered down. If you are eager to see what has been left out of the history books this book will enlighten you more than you could have thought possible.