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DAUGHTERS WALK THE - KIRKPATRICK JANE Have you ever watched an inspiring movie or read a remarkable book and then sat back and wondered what happened to the characters after the credits rolled? A Daughter’s Walk is one of those inspiring tales.

It all began with two women embarking on a walk that would change not only their lives but to help influence the way women were viewed. It is hard to imagine what it would have been like to be a woman in the late 1800’s, even harder to imagine being a woman and stepping out of the little box that men had confined women to for so long. Kirkpatrick does a wonderful job of introducing you to the two daring women who took on the 3500-mile walk and describing what life was like back then.

The walk in itself was a major feat but the book takes you beyond that and answers the question of “What happened next?” Tragedy befalls the women’s family and as a result the daughter splits from them and goes her own way. A young woman breaking away from family and striking out on her own was not a common thing back then, and it is amazing to hear of everything that Clara accomplished. She had a brilliant business mind and put it to use, she didn’t restrict herself to the idea that a woman should get married and leave business to the men. A wonderful thing to have her story kept alive.

Kirkpatrick did a lot of research and interviewing, her hard work is evident in how well Clara’s story is presented. This book is well worth your time.