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Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews Andrews just keeps getting better and better with each Kate Daniels installment. How she does it we may never know, but it doesn’t matter as long as she keeps writing.

As the fifth book of the series you think you know about everything there is to know about the main characters. Kate holds an interesting past that we had been lead to believe was complete in its’ telling, funny how viewpoints can be twisted around.

The chemistry between Kate and Curran is raging strong as ever as they learn to live with each other. Their relationship is a give and take with some punches here and there, as it should be with two strong alpha characters. The fact that Kate is no longer alone changes her whole outlook; what her father can do to those she cares for; what Kate would do to protect those she cares for, and that she might actually have a future. A very big change for her deal with even as she works to keep her business from going under and preventing the whole city of Atlanta and its’ occupants from being wiped out. Good thing she has a nice big kitty to curl up with when all is said and done.

So good you won’t put it down. Andrews also manages to leave us hanging just a little bit so we can all go crazy waiting for the next Kate Daniels book, can’t wait!