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The Stranger You Seek - Amanda Kyle Williams It’s summertime, which means grab a lawn chair, cool drink and a good book. If you would like that book to be a good thriller mystery this would be a good choice.

Williams has crafted some flawed but memorable characters. Keye Street has something about her that everyone will be able to connect with. Bad decisions are sometimes difficult to overcome but even more so when the serial killer you are tracking turns the focus on you. Good thing Keye has friends to watch her back. One such friend, Rauser, is the reason Keye gets wrapped up in the investigation. Rauser is one of the good guys just trying to keep people safe, not in it for the glory or money. There are plenty of other characters difficult to like, which makes it that much sweeter when you pick up on the chemistry between Keye and Rauser.

The plot of the book is typical murder mystery and deceives you into expecting the usual. The it takes a turn and right along with Keye you will start to question if the usual is really what is going on. Throughout the book Keye also does a few other jobs that help expand her character and offer some comic relief to the otherwise tense morbid serial killer case. Williams blends all the scenes together very smoothly so that you feel as if everything is connected.

A few dropped hints here and there will leave you with some doubt as to which person the killer really is. While you may piece it together before the last few pages this book still has a great twist at the end. Keye is set up to have an interesting career ahead of her, one that we will hopefully get to tag along for.