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Iron House - John Hart If you are in the mood for an incredibly well written mystery thriller this book will more than fulfill that wish.

Hart has created a story with an intricate story line and deep characters. To begin there are many unknowns scattered all over. Then, little by little, truths are revealed until everything falls soundlessly into place and you are left saying “Ah-ha.” Many times things look like there is no way out; guess Hart has a better imagination than the rest of us.

The characters are just as well written as the storyline. Each one has depth and flaws that make them very real. Hart brings to life, the good, bad, and ugly of everyone and then gives a little hope and chance at redemption. So many characters and each one crafted perfectly it is hard to know where to start. The main character Michael is so gifted it is impressive, even though his gift is in delivering death. Yet as gifted as he is he still needs others, both to save his life and heal his heart. Even characters that you expect to loath, the old man who rules his empire with a deathly fist, you find compassion for. Each one a testament to the time and effort Hart put into this book to make it real.

Once you start you will not put it down. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.