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The Dragon Who Loved Me - G.A. Aiken Wow Aiken has written another Dragon Kin book that will have you laughing out loud and silently cheering.

This book is the story of Rhona and Vigholf who do have a great romance and manage to heat things up in the middle of the battlefield. But more than just them you get to follow all the other characters that you have fallen in love with over the series. Annwyl the bloody is still getting very bloody, Keita is still secretive, Izzy is still young and figuring out life, so many more that you will want to read this to get up to date on everyone’s life.

Heroic acts are undertaken, lovers reunited, and gods intervening. What is not to love! If you haven’t started this series you are missing out, it is best to start with number one but Aiken does a great job of filling in the blanks in every book so you will not feel lost.