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Supernatural - Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, G.A. Aiken Four great authors of paranormal and fantasy series come together to bring you vampires, demons, and dragons. Each of these short stories tie into a series, yes they are short but give enough peak your interest in each series. And if you are already an addict each story compliments its own series perfectly so yes you will be left waiting for the next installment.

Ione introduces a struggling shape shifter out for revenge expecting to die. What Vladlena doesn’t expect is to meet sexy vampire Nathan. Sparks fly but neither believes they are able to enjoy each other due to secrets that threaten to keep them apart. Ione also hints at the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, of course she made them incredible male specimens. Can’t wait for more Lords of Deliverance!

Ivy has a misunderstood jinn manipulating events to satisfy his revenge. As a result Kata and Uriel are thrown together whether they like it or not. Uriel’s character is a strong alluring vampire that takes his role as protector very seriously; he is the best part of this short story.

Frank keeps her Nightwalker series fresh by filling in some blanks she left in her first installment. After reading Jacob’s story you wonder how his brother handled being punished for almost breaking the rules and seducing his vivacious red head. Now you can find out all the (chained down) details.

Aiken shows off skills by introducing a dragon who is jus about opposite what the usual dragons are like. Bram the Merciful is handsome, but not built like a brick wall; intelligent, but not with weapons; and merciful (hence his name), but you will see how fast his mercy disappears once what he holds dear is threatened. Dragon on Top is a great Dragon Kin story that brings you back to Bercelak and Rhiannon’s pre children phase. It is fun to read about some of the older dragons and the scrapes they got into before having their kids.

A great anthology, 5 stars!!