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Goddess with a Blade - Lauren Dane Picking up this book you may just be expecting to read an urban fantasy/paranormal romance, which you do get along with a thriller about a serial killer. The main character Rowan derives her power and vampire hunting skills from a goddess, skills that make her an odd match for the vampire running Las Vegas. Clive keeps his vampires in check but there is one out there breaking the rules, which brings Rowan to his doorstep (and eventually on top of his desk). Clive and Rowan compliment each other and are strong enough to be with each other despite the responsibilities each has to shoulder, no matter how much they might clash.

Rowan’s character did come off as a little childish, she swears a lot and it seems to be compensation to her age. Clive on the other hand handles himself, as you would expect an older vampire would, of course his temper is pushed to the limits dealing with Rowan. Its enjoyable watching the two of them try piece together the killings and see the sexual sparks fly.

A fun read, perfect for summer.