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Rules of Deception - Christopher Reich Deception, assassins, political cover-ups, love and secrets are just a few things that you will find once you crack open this book. Don’t be afraid of the thickness, short chapters and plenty of action will have you finishing this book much faster than you could have thought possible.

The first in the series Rules of Deception does a great job of introducing you to Ransom, the talented daredevil doctor that is the star of the series. As you follow him trying to put together pieces of a life his wife left behind you will be as dumb struck and caught off guard as Ransom is. Resourceful is a perfect word to describe his character, so much gets thrown at him but he keep pushing for answers and surviving.

The chapters jump back and forth from a few different characters and events going on, although all are tied into Ransom. This is a perfect book to take and read here and there because the chapters are so short. A great spy thriller that may just have you jumping on the bandwagon.