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Hammered - Kevin Hearne Be careful where you read this book. You may make facial expressions,release snorts, and giggles that will leave those around you looking at you out of the corner of their eyes and shifting away.

The third book in the Iron Druid Chronicles does not disappoint. Hearne has created the most enigmatic, charismatic, entertaining character you will ever come across. With quick wit and pop culture references aplenty you would expect a young player, Atticus is all of that but also the oldest (and only) Druid around. He has been around playing the part of a mosquito in various god's ears for centuries but finally has the right acquaintances with him to land and take a bite. And what a bite it is.

Hearne has not only written an amazing main character, but also many new and old supporting characters. You will form attachments with each that will cause you to feel the same kind of loss Atticus experiences when he can not bring everyone home. The story line has a very important battle that sets up the next books perfectly. So much happens at the end of Hammered and so much left hanging in the air, it is torture to have to wait and see what is in store for Atticus and his band of merry men. But wait we will considering we know it will be a price well paid.