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In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks Abduction, physical beating, firm dictation and an offer of marriage are what Mairin goes through in the beginning of this tale. Despite all of that her fiery attitude and strong resolve have her wrapped up in the arms of the handsome fierce highlander, and liking it.

As young innocent woman recently abducted from an abbey she is as inexperienced as you would expect. Lucky for her she ended up strapped to a skilled tender lover. Ewan didn’t expect much from his bride save for an heir and her dowry. Lucky for him he got woman that is more than his match in attitude and passions. Banks writes a very tender bath scene in which she describes how Ewan bathes and takes care of Mairin, even finger combing her hair. To serve someone with such tender devotion speaks volumes even if words are not said.

Despite all the head butting and frustration they each carve out places in each other’s hearts creating a marriage that many envy. One such person is Ewan’s brother Alaric who has never before seen such love and devotion in a marriage. He has resigned himself to an upcoming loveless marriage because that is what is best for the clan, you will not want to wait to see how he is proven wrong about that! A good thing the next book comes out in September.

Banks is a wonderful writer who has the talent of getting you absorbed into the lives of her characters. Not only will Ewan and Mairin earn places in your heart but also Alaric and Caelen, Ewan’s brothers who are each featured in the next two books. If Highland romance stirs your heart do not miss this series.

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