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In Total Surrender - Anne Mallory Mallory has delivered her most striking character yet. Andreas is dark and deadly, yet devoted to the small handful of people he considers his. Incredibly skilled at eliminating threats, providing protection, pulling political strings and executing plans he is poorly prepared for Phoebe.

Phoebe is bright, both is spirit and mind. She also has never met any man that has made her feel anything. When she meets Andreas she uses him to protect her families business, but as she chinks away at his blackness she finds a man who is both good and bad with the capacity to love extraordinarily.

With a twist on the usual point of view you get to experience life through Andrea’s eyes. He will sear you with his stare and leave you feeling stripped bare, and all the while you will just want to make his smile.

Mallory has written her best novel yet. If you are a Secrets fan you will not be disappointed, if not this is a great place to begin.