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Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend - Susan Orlean Rin Tin Tin captivated hearts and minds, ever wonder how that happened or how he managed his hero status? Orlean has done all the research for you, even traveled to Rin Tin Tin’s home to see and feel the place this amazing canine came from.

Not only do you get a glimpse into the life of Rin Tin Tin and his owner Lee but also of the role dogs have played in WW II and I. It was not too far in the past but war tactics have changed so much since then. You won’t find dogs being used as suicide bombers today, but you will find some as mascots. A role that dogs will be able to fill for years to come as there is just something irresistible about them while at the same time confidence building.

Rin Tin Tin is more than just a dog and will always be. This book is a wonderful glimpse into that idealism, but more than that it will make you want to find your own Rin Tin Tin and give them a big hug and scratch.