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Untamed Highlander - Donna Grant Highlanders with tortured souls finding their solace in the women that love them. This is not an unheard of plot line but Grant delivers a well-written series despite it. It showcases an author’s talent when they can take a known evil/hated character and make you see their side of the story and wish them the best.
Isla truly has a good heart despite all the evil things she has been forced to do. And although it takes a long time for Hayden to overcome his perceptions her good heart is part of what wins him over. There is also no lack in the hot and steamy department; Hayden and Isla have perfect chemistry.
There is enough back-story to be able to pick this up as a stand alone, but is much more rewarding if read from book one on. There is a nice ongoing plot line, and wouldn’t you know Grant keeps it going and leaves you waiting for the next book.