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Ripe for Pleasure - Isobel Carr When you are a second son you are usually not left with much of anything save a name. Lucky for Leonidas (Leo) Vaughn he has been left with property and the means to support himself if he can scrape by. When he finds the equivalent of a treasure map he follows it with the hope to save his property. Leo fully expects to find treasure, it’s just not the type of treasure he was expecting to get his hands on that has him falling head over heals.

Viola is a strong woman who has dealt with the cards life has left her with. After sad circumstances have left her in the occupation of a courtesan she had to make decisions that pointedly left her heart out of the equation. But once she meets Leo and he begins to wear her down she realizes that her heart might be what makes the choice this time around.

This is a very sweet quick easy read. It is a nice chance of pace to read about a second son who doesn’t have all the benefit of a title and money. Instead both characters have had to fight for themselves for so long they don’t quite know how to let each other in. Good thing they can’t deny the sexual attraction boiling beneath the surface.

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