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The Legend of Lady Maclaoch - Becky Banks As an American raised in the twentieth century we do not have the same veneration other cultures hold for curses and old tales. So if we were slapped in the face with one forcing us to believe we might handle it the same way Cole (Nicole) does; throw caution to the wind and follow the heart because the mind has no clue what to do.

Cole embarks on a seemingly normal trip to discover more about her ancestors. Little does she expect to get wrapped up in an ancient curse and in the arms of a handsome highlander. The electricity that is generated between Cole and the highlander Rowan can almost be felt through your fingertips. There is no denying that the two have a shared destiny if they can survive long enough to see it.

This tale is wonderfully written. Banks brings to life a curse and a land that are shrouded in mystery. Her characters feel very real; you can imagine this actually happening (if you believe in ghosts and curses that is). If you love historical romance with some mystery of otherworldliness do not miss this book.