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The Laird of Loch Fyne - Brandy Grandberg The Laird of Loch Fyne has a great story line, time travel, a highlander, deceit, betrayal and horses.
Maggie happens to admire a broach that happens to throw her back in time to protect two people. To add to the stress of finding herself in the past and having to be treated as a woman in the highlands instead of a present day doctor, she ends up falling in love.
Ian is the highlander who rescues Maggie the night she came through time. She frightens him so badly he sends her away; thankfully he couldn’t live with the guilt of it and went off to find her come hell or high water. A strong independent headstrong woman is more than a match for him, and surprisingly he falls in love. Ian would never have been happy with a typical highland lass who would ask how high when he said jump. Maggie fits him perfectly.
The story is solid, but a few more details would have added depth to the story. Some parts feel rushed and as if we are not getting the complete story. Despite that it is a quick easy read that lovers of time travel romance can enjoy.