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Lord of Souls: An Elder Scrolls Novel - Greg Keyes Many want to bring it down, some covet its power, and few love it.

If you are a fan of Oblivion, Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls you will enjoy this book. You get to continue on the journeys of Annaig, Mere-Glim, Attrebus and Sul, and Colin. A delicately twisted tale in which Everyone's fates are affected by the floating city of Umbriel. The power plays are well planned out, deception and back stabbing abound.

There is so much going on with multiple characters it is difficult to know where to begin. The most surprising character was Annaig. She finds herself fighting for her life instead of simply trying to escape the floating city. Even after staring potential death in the face multiple times she makes the difficult decisions that cause her to question who she really is. Weaker beings would have folded, given up and taken the easy road to death. Surprisingly she doesn't break and only comes out stronger (but forever changed).

So many intricate characters affecting the final outcome. If you are unfamiliar with the games or books you may want to start at the beginning or you will be lost and become frustrated.