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Beauty Dates the Beast - Jessica Sims, Jill Myles A sexy charismatic cougar shifter with a strange request. That is what Bathsheba gets stuck with playing the stand in for a date as she tries to save her job. Little does she know that one move will save her and her sister and bring her life fulfillment she never thought she would find.

Her date is Beau, and yes he is capable of stealing your breath. He can handle anything: issues with his shifter clan, Bathsheba’s conniving boss, a missing pack member, the seduction of Bathsheba, and the stalker something killing female shifters. Oh and he has a strong protective streak with what he considers his. Wouldn’t you like to end up on a date with this guy?

Sims has created a great start to this new series. This book has interesting well-written characters that just beg to have stories of their own, and hopefully a little more Beau and Bath. The end leaves off perfectly, setting you up for the next book. Now we just have to be patient...that is going to be a challenge.