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Mind Games - Carolyn Crane Wow. Crane has managed to create a paranormal world without fang, claw, scales or magic. All she used is the power of her mind.

In this new world some people have the capability to access more than 10% of their brain. What could we possible be capable of if we could access that other 90%? The amazing possibilities are brought to life in Crane’s characters.

Justine is trapped by fear to an extreme, yet everyone will be able to connect to her. As she tries to maneuver her way through this new world she has been brought into she struggles to keep her moral compass and tell truth from lie. Even to the very end you will be left wondering what is the real truth, something just doesn’t sit right leaving you slightly uncomfortable with the supposedly good way things turned out.

Packard is underhanded and untrustworthy, yet at the same time you feel drawn to him and can see that he truly may be the only one to see the real Justine and reach parts of her no one else will ever get close to. Despite his choices that have alienated her from him there is still the sense that he was right when he told her she would realize it some day and find him.

If you pick up this book and are not pulled into the story right away give it a few chapters, then you will not be able to put it down. It takes a bit to wrap your head around, but so worth the headache.