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Mistress of the Storm - Terri Brisbin A historical romance that is heart wrenching and beautifully written.

Mistress of the Storm is Isabel, a woman forced to endure abuse in many forms for the sake of love. It is a different kind of love that can save her, one that draws her like nothing else.

Duncan takes this historical romance and adds a paranormal twist; more can’t be said without spoiling the plot line so you will just have to pick up the book to find out. He is drawn to Isabel just as strongly as she is to him; she gives comfort when he thought he would suffer alone for the rest of his days. For what she brings him he loves her for, but he also loves her for the woman he sees buried deep within her that no one can touch. Because of this he will do anything for her, at great cost to him.

Despite being the third book in the Storm series you can pick it up and read as if it was a stand-alone. Brisbin shows her talent by making you feel what her characters feel. A wonderful read!