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Double Cross - Carolyn Crane My Gumby isoniazid his knees fists in the air as a silent scream is rent from his mouth.

Talk about a cliffhanger. Double Cross steps it up from Mind Games which in itself was a great read. You finally get to discover the source of the animosity between Packard and Otto, as well as seeing what it cost Packard to do what he had to do. Justine finally let's go and finds true happiness, only to have it ripped away from her hours later. You get so much more involved in the characters lives and in return feel their emotions that much more acutely.

Crane shows off her talent with the second Disillusionist book. Double Cross is deeper and more thought provoking, and will leave your mind reeling at the end. If you haven't started this series wait until December 6th so you can have the whole trilogy in your hands before you start, otherwise you can go crazy with the rest of us waiting for the release of the third book and answers to all the questions are left hanging onto.