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A Lady's Charade - Eliza Knight The story of Alexander and Chloe is a sweet classic romance. A valiant knight doing his duty, a beautiful lady in need of rescue and all of it taking place in a scenic countryside.

Alexander is just the kind of man you would want to be forced to marry. Despite being less than enthusiastic about the idea of marrying, once he sees Chloe he starts to loose his heart.

Chloe is a proper lady suddenly finding her self-needing to become a very good liar. Afraid for her life she refuses to give into Alexander’s prying and keeps her secrets. As a proper lady though she hasn’t had much practice at lying and is not very skilled at it. Once the truth comes out hearts are laid bare, along with some other more physical things.

Not much for surprises or plot twists, and it got a little long about ¾ of the way through (but then Knight steams up the pages and then poof your finished with the book!). An enjoyable light read, if you like a classic historical romance this book is for you.

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