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Take Me Down (Erotic Me, #1) - Lauren Hawkeye 3.5 Stars

From the very first descriptive sentence you are grabbed and pulled into Evie’s life. Lauren Hawkeye is an incredibly talented writer to be able to do what she did in so few pages. She drops you into the story and doesn’t miss a beat, you know exactly who and what is going on (boy do you ever know what is going on).

Evie is spending a sweltering night with a house full of guests when an unexpected one catches her off guard. He is no stranger though as she had tried to catch his interest in the past. Surprising Evie, Lucas is more than ready and willing to be caught now and he wastes no time in making that very clear.

Lucas is the kind of surprise you would want finding you in your kitchen when it’s too hot to sleep and your emotions are in somewhat of an upheaval. He is very dominant and knows exactly how he wants Evie and for how long. Just thinking of him with a glass of cold water in hand is enough to give you the goose bumps. With a happy ending like that how could a girl refuse?

Like any well-written novella you will be left wishing it were longer, much much longer. Guess instead you will just have to check out the rest of Lauren Hawkeye’s Erotic Me series to get that fix!

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