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A Midnight Dance (Fiery Tales) - Lila DiPasqua What is it exactly about fairy tales that capture our interest? The beautiful damsel in distress, the handsome prince fighting for her love and rescue, or the magic that no matter who you are in life someone will look at you and think the world rests in your arms? Whatever the reason DiPasqua’s version of Cinderella immerse you in a tale impossible to put down.

Desperation can make people do things that they would normally turn away from immediately. From the beginning Sabine shows her fiery determined side, even when faced with giving up her virginity to keep up a ruse to save her family. Jules is in his own state of desperation yet he still becomes ensnared in the arms of a silvery blond his conscience is telling him to stay away from.

No time is wasted in bringing Sabine and her prince together and as soon as they lay eyes on each other the sparks start to fly. Jules uses all of his skill as a lover on Sabine, so much that you will be melting right along with her. Sensuously written, Midnight Dance brings plenty of toe curling scenes that only add to the perfection of the story as a whole.

The whole story line is wonderfully written. You will be able to pick up the Cinderella tale hidden within but DiPasqua adds so much more you will quickly agree this is the best version of this classic fairy tale you have ever read. DiPasqua is definitely an author to watch.

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