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One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost Cat and Bones have a chemistry that is hard to beat. Frost keeps us coming back for more with her great plot lines and new character revelations.

Cat gets wrapped up searching for a serial killer, and by default (since he will never willingly leave her side) Bones as well. Despite the odds not being in their favor to track and kill or contain a ghost they take on the challenge, not for money or recognition but for the sake of the potential victims.

If you are a Cat and Bones fan you will never be able to get enough of this power couple. This may not be your favorite book in the series but that will not stop you from reading this at break neck pace. Here is hoping the next book in the series we get to see some more Cat and Bones alone time, it has to be stressful on a marriage to constantly be surrounded by ghosts and/or your Mom.