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Blood Hunt - Shannon K. Butcher 3.5 Stars

Finally we get a point of view from one of the parasites of society, the looked down upon Sanguiner Logan.

In all the other Sentinel Wars books you see Logan and how he and his brothers struggle to survive. He is a devastatingly handsome honorable man with the weight of his race on his shoulders, though the Theroni have a difficult time seeing him that way.

Hope is well named for she brings that and more to Logan. Secrets are revealed that bring us closer to seeing the full picture. You can tell Butcher has this large complex plan in her head and is feeding it to us bit by bit.

There are a lot of different characters and plot lines going on in this book. Even if you follow the series it might be a little confusing at times. There is just so much going on, this book keeps the story moving and ties a lot of it together but it might have been nice to have a little more of it centered on Logan and Hope.

Another great addition to the series. It will not disappoint.