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Flawless - Carrie Lofty 4.5 Stars!

This book is flawless in more ways than just the title.

Vivienne is the picture of propriety and has fought to stay that way despite being married to an alcoholic gambler. She left him before and intends to do so again if she can earn her inheritance. Viv didn’t count on having such a soft spot for her man, and now has to decide if he is worth the leap of faith.

Miles is nearly everything Viv thinks him to be, or he used to be. As a bored aristocrat nothing could fire his blood like his perfect wife, a feeling he finds he is addicted to and will trade all other vices for.

Miles and Viv have an overwhelming journey ahead of them, and not only the journey to South Africa. Their marriage was full of imperfections but at the same time exactly what each needed, they just were unable to see it. The pain and heartache they have to overcome is so tangible you will feel it to your soul. At one point Miles gives Viv a gift that itself is not overwhelming but the meaning behind it will bring tears to your eyes.

Lofty has created a beautiful tale of love worth fighting for, a villainous mastermind and a land with unique beauty. Miles and Viv’s journey is one you do not want to miss for it is nearly flawless.

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