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Poisoned Kisses - Stephanie Draven Draven blends Greek mythology with romance and makes it seem effortless; you will read this book with record speed.

Kyra is a nymph of the underworld, and yes if you know your mythology any nymph usually has a sad ending. Kyra is a fighter (thanks to her father the war god Ares) and refuses to become just another nymph to succumb to a man. To the end you will fight along with Kyra, and just when you think you know how her story will end she has one more challenge that will top everything else.

Marco is a war-forged hydra, and yes just the feeling you get from hearing the name hydra is what Marco is. Although he would wish it otherwise and believes he knows the only option left to him. Kyra truly is his angel in more ways than one.

If you enjoy mythology with a romance twist you need to check out Stephanie Draven.