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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins A broken society, young children pitted against each other for entertainment, a young girl forced to survive a brutal life and a young man who has watched her from afar.

No, it is not ancient Rome it is futuristic North America. Something horrible happened and society has crumbled, those who ended up on top take out their hatred and prejudice on the districts. It is hard to believe the actions of many are normal and applauded, but then again there was the Coliseum in all of its glory and popularity.

Katniss is a young girl forced to become a player in the hunger games, a fight for her life. How does one accept becoming a killer? It is a tough question in an even tougher circumstance. Katniss shows her inner strength and talent and has you rooting for her from the very beginning.

The young man she teams up with, Peeta, has some hidden talents of his own. He will steal your heart and leave you praying he will survive. The end of this book leaves him hanging, now you just have to go pick up the second book to find out if he earns love in return.

A great first book in the series. It will grip you and keep you awake until you are finished. Then all you will think about doing is starting the next one.