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Seduction of a Highland Lass - Maya Banks 3.5 Stars

Honor is a tricky thing, if you are truly willing to hold onto yours you may just be giving up the only thing worth keeping.

Alaric is the middle brother, and middle brothers had nothing. No land of their own, no people to take care of, no title to pass onto their children. Combine all of that and the fact that if he marries their neighbors daughter he helps keep his family and people safe how could he do anything but be honorable.

Keeley has been wronged and outcast. The last thing she would see coming is a wounded highlander (who she can’t help but fall for even on his sick bed) and the rest of his clan collecting him and her at the same time. Lets face it, handsome cut highlander laying there eating you up with his eyes....didn’t think you could resist either. Alaric and Keeley’s story is doomed and tears at your heart. The heat they share and the trust they give each other is beautiful.

You will also get to know the third brother, Caelen. Cold and standoffish no longer, Caelen has crawled under our skin. Good thing we don’t have to wait long to hear of his fate.