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Miserere: An Autumn Tale - Teresa Frohock Miserere....

Dark, bleak, desolate, barely the will to fight and the willingness to die.

Strong and flawed characters dominate this world. The fight between good and evil has never been more real or with more on the line. Lucien is a man with a golden heart, he knows he has made poor decisions in the past and does not try to deny the fact. He is willing to give everything to protect and make the right choices. Rachel is one who was at the wrong end of one of his bad decisions and paid for it. If she can forgive and see what is in his heart perhaps there really is a chance of divine forgiveness.

Frohock has created a world not very far removed from our own, it exists right next to it near Hell actually. Her book has the foundation of Christian beliefs and history. If you enjoy movies like The Exorcism of Emily Rose or The Rite this book will be a good choice.

With her pen she has drawn the map and marked the lines, now you just sit back and hope you never have to cross them.