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Lord and Lady Spy - Shana Galen An exciting, fast paced spy thriller spiced up with a good dose of romance. A great read from the stunning cover to the last page.

Galen’s Lord and Lady Spy introduce you to Adrian and Sophia, two undercover agents who happen to be married and managed to keep their secrets. Once the masks come off you are whisked along as they combine their strengths to track down a murderer.

Galen has created a smooth flowing tale that will have you trying to fit together the pieces at the same time rooting for Adrian and Sophia to let their guards down just enough to let the other in. The characters are very well written and feel like they are real people despite having such adventurous lives. This is a great combination of suspenseful spy games and the sweet slow seduction of love.

If you have not read any of Galen’s books start with this one. You will not be able to put it down!