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Cruising Toward Love - Christi Barth Have you seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? All that family crowing around, telling you what to do, getting in your personal business and looking at you with pity. Zoe has all that to deal with on top of facing the guy who stole her heart then disappeared.

Cruising Toward Love has a great beginning. Unfortunately Zoe has awful luck and ends up covered in muddy water, has to deal with bridezilla, and is nearly scorched by fire. Fortunately all that pays off and she gets an all expense paid vacation, her sisters unused honeymoon ticket!

Zoe and Nate have this intense chemistry that makes you wonder how he could have ever left her 10 years ago. It seems like fate has intervened and given both Zoe and Nate the honeymoon tickets, which means a shared room. Hard to stay mad at someone and deny the attraction when you have to share the same bed and bathroom.

Once on the ship you are introduced to some memorable characters. Barth’s writing gives just enough depth to make them feel real and bring the scenery to life so you feel like you are another passenger feeling the sun on your skin watching this drama unfold. Besides a great reuniting love story you get a little mystery thrown in with the fun and games.

Cruising Toward Love is entertaining and well written. It will leave you feeling happy, which is a great reason to pick it up.

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