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Bloodlands (Bloodlands, #1) - Christine Cody 3.5 Stars

Just like the Wild West of old lawlessness reins, the weak suffer, and the bold make names for themselves.

Cody paints Mariah as the ultimate victim. All she has left is her constant companion Chaplin, an Intel dog. Where she gathered the courage to step out and rescue the injured Gabriel is a deep hidden place. For a book that takes place mostly in one relatively small underground hideaway it does an amazing job of bringing to life this Wild West dystopian world.

A deep complicated world, well-written characters, and some great sci-fi fantasy elements. The only snag would be how Gabriel seemed to pass his obsession with the woman he was tracking and hone in on Mariah. There is a good explanation for that at the end of the book, but for the sake of spoiling it that is all you will get.

A great read that will deliver a great surprise at the end.