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Heart of Darkness - Felicity E. Heaton Heart of Darkness by Felicity E. Heaton

Aleksander is an honorable vampire fighting to protect his people and keep his heart from complete darkness.

In classic romance fashion Aleksander is balancing the line between good and evil when he finds Elise and sees in her a way to tip the scales. Unknowing who she finds Elise attacks and brings in this handsome strange vampire, only to find out he is a prince. Used to getting his way Aleksander is unsure how to win over Elise’s heart.

Elise fights her own battle against her heart as Aleksander threatens to steal it from her. She has experienced loss before and is unable to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on love. It is a sweet surrender when Aleksander and Elise finally come together as it is true that two are stronger than one.

Unfortunately there is a feeling of repetition as Aleksander debates his intent with Elise and how close he is to falling to the dark side. But there is also the sweet romance and redemption that does helps even that out. An enjoyable read that won’t shake up your world, but it will definitely entertain you with a great love story.

If your in the mood for a nice love story with fangs, this is it.

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