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The Duke Is Mine - Eloisa James Slightly plump with a sometimes vulgar sense of humor. Not quite what one would think of when picturing a duchess. Definitely not what Quin’s (Tarquin) mother pictures as the perfect woman to fill the role. Quin might just have to make up his own mind on this one.

James once again brings to life some crafty characters. Olivia is by far the most colorful and humorous. It is easy to see why people are drawn to her, especially Quin who has forgotten how to laugh and enjoy life. She is exactly what he needs, unlady like traits and all. The current Duchess, who has taken it upon herself to select her son’s next wife, is a hoot in her own right. Listening to her spar words with Olivia makes you wish you were sitting in the same room watching her blood pressure build.

The Duke Is Mine is a wonderfully written love story, one you will not want to put down. It takes some well know literature and hides little bits here and there, which makes it fun to try recognize. Once you finish you will want to go find another James novel to read. Good thing there are plenty more fairy tales for James to use as inspiration!