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Kiss at Your Own Risk - Stephanie Rowe 3.5 Stars

When a drop dead sexy man is sitting on a motorcycle telling you to submit to him and the bike, don’t think just get the hell on.

Rowe has created these tough guys that have had these feminine characteristics drilled into them. For the first bit of the book you might be confused as these warriors are preparing to battle their way out of captivity yet still think about things like cross stitching. Once the big bad of the book is introduced it will all make sense.

Blaine is an amazing character, with some hot powers. Despite hundreds of years of torture and captivity he still has honor. It is great to see how he interacts with his fellow captive brothers. But even better is to see how he reacts to Trinity and her personality that changes how he sees women.

Trinity is a good woman struggling with a horrible curse. To kill the guy you love, talk about heartbreak. When she meets Blaine he comes across as someone she could never fall for, which is a great relief. Sparks fly, and not just from Blaine’s hands.

Even the villain is so well written you may find yourself feeling slightly sorry for her and wishing for her to get her own happy ending. Of course the happy ending you may have in your head can’t begin to reach what Rowe has in store; it is perfect.

A great start to this series. Can’t wait to laugh my way through the next one!