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Killing Rites - M.L.N. Hanover “...When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. “ Romans 7:21

Jayné is a person who has been working for the greater good, but hidden deep inside her is evil. As with so many things, evil is in the eye of the beholder. For Jayné and Ex their definitions are not the same.

The fourth book of The Black Sun’s Daughter is a great fast paced read that will have you feeling a little like your watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose or any other exorcist movie. But unlike any of those movies Hanover places you on the other side of the exorcism making you wonder if every rider deserves or needs to be sent back to Hell.

When you are dedicated to something and then find out you fit the criteria to hunt yourself it will mess with your head. Doubting every decision you have ever made, needing to know if there is a real you or just a puppet, and even wishing for proof to absolve you of past misdeeds. The rider that has Jayné may be growing but it also may have its own agenda, can’t wait to find out.

Jayné and Ex have a lot of things to work through, their attraction to each other being one of them. It is insightful to see where Ex came from and how his past is coloring how he views his current situation with Jayné. Can an ex-priest come to accept someone carrying a rider of her own free will? Like he tells Jayné, it isn’t over.

At least we can hope that is the case and we will get a book number five.

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