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Touch If You Dare - Stephanie Rowe Isn’t there a song about when love and hate collide? If those two pure emotions were to collide it might look a lot like Jarvis exploding.

Rowe’s second book in the series brings together Lord Hate and the reaper Reina. Jarvis is another tortured soul that has survived Angelica’s prison. As a man doomed to die he is surprised by Reina’s ability to bring him peace. The relationship that grows between these two is touching and frustrating at the same time, why can’t you just slap some sense into them sometimes?

The secondary characters that are involved in Jarvis and Reina’s journey are some of the best. You get to know Nigel a little more (hopefully he will get his own book), along with Death (you really get to see a new side of him!), and even the original Grimm Reaper. Angelica is still incarcerated but Napoleon is still searching for her relentlessly, if they get a happily ever after it will definitely be a love hate kind of feeling.

Rowe pulls the strings and events line up just perfectly. A fun enjoyable read that has you becoming more attached to the characters with each page.