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The Girl in the Garden - Kamala Nair 3.5 Stars

Every family has secrets, every young girl imagines herself a bit of an outsider, but not every family’s secrets prove how much of an outsider this young girl really is.

This is a beautiful tale of a young girl’s summer at her Mother’s home in India. Her mother has been struggling with her marriage and longs to return to what she left behind. By bringing her daughter along for the summer she changes her whole life.

Rahkee is a very normal girl, she gets bored, she worries about her parent’s relationship, and she has an inquisitive mind. The descriptive way Nair writes makes the story come to life and you can feel the heat and smell the flowers and fruit on the ground as well as experience Rahkee’s feelings.

A truly enjoyable read it will have you wondering what the family secret is and what is really going on with Rahkee’s mother. Happy, sad and a little tragic it is all wrapped up in a beautiful ending.