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Hold Me If You Can - Stephanie Rowe 3.5 Stars

Pick up a piece of high quality chocolate and let it melt on your tongue. The smell of it, the feel of it as it melts, and the pure joy you feel all add up to the seduction that is chocolate. Imagine that all packaged inside you, understandable that there would be creatures salivating at the very sight of you.

Chocolate and seduction go hand in hand, and for Natalie you can’t separate the two. With her affinity to chocolate Natalie has survived being the target of such a creature and death. Sounds like everything else should be easy after that. But the challenges only keep getting stickier and tougher. Good thing the warrior Nigel needs her as much as she needs him, which is where the seduction comes in.

Nigel is the quiet artist, the healer, and the only one who is being used by Mari to capture the recently freed warriors. As with Rowe’s other warriors Nigel has discovered that Natalie can help pull him back from the edge. What makes his story different is all the other complications. Too many to name, and what would be the fun of spoiling it anyway?

Another fun read for the Soulfire series. Not quite as much humor as the previous two, but plenty of action and plot twists. It also leaves you hanging at the end wondering about Christian, his story had better be next or we all might have to resort to finding some sweets...chocolate that is.