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The Deepest Sin - Caroline Richards A simple trip to the desert to finish up fact finding for a lecture, it should be quick and easy. Quick and easy turns into; being deserted, threatened, and ends with a gunshot.

Archer is a man on a mission. That mission falls to the wayside as he falls under the spell that is Meredith. As a common rule breaker it really does not seem to faze him, only changes his priorities and completing his assignment is definitely not at the top.

Meredith has had to guard herself and her two half sisters most of her life. Now that they are grown and happily married she feels free for the first time and is very reluctant to release that despite the alarming events at the beginning of the book.

Richards has done a wonderful job of creating characters with depth and making you feel like you are right there with Meredith and Archer. The tension and unanswered questions will have you finishing The Deepest Sin in one sitting. As the third book in the series it ties up nicely but is easy to follow if you missed the first two. But be warned you will want to go back and read the first two if you haven’t yet.

If only Goodreads let us give half stars! This book really deserves a 3.5 rating.