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Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh Wings, beautiful dark soft wings. And an archangel who would have sacrificed his life to hold you staring into your eyes telling you he will not break you. What a way to wake up and realize you are alive.

Elena and Raphael survived Uram. And now that Elena has joined the host of heaven she has to learn and adapt to survive. She thought her life as a Hunter was deadly before.

It is refreshing to see that Elena and Raphael who obviously have matched souls have to learn what it means to be part of a pair. They must start at the beginning with trust, just as all of us do. Just because they have wings doesn’t mean life is easy.

Singh’s characters have such variety and strength it is impossible to get bored. Old and new add excitement and emotion to Elena and Raphael’s story. Wonderfully written, leaving you ready for more.