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Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh A consort holds more than just a position that demands respect. A consort holds the heart of someone incredibly powerful, and by doing so hold more than power. They hold love.

Elena is growing stronger, yet is still fragile compared to those who target her. Raphael is growing in his own ways, becoming stronger and weaker at the same time. Together the potential for greatness is unavoidable. 

The love between the archangel and his consort blazes hotter with each book. They are still wearing against each others sharp points, but some have begun to fit into each other. In this book you get to know some of the secondary characters much more. Enough that you begin to care for them and hope they can defeat their own demons. You also get to see Raphael face his mother. A meeting that will not go as you expect, it is so much more. As it should be between an ancient archangel and her son.

Any book by Singh has now earned the right to be in my auto buy list.