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Hunter - Skyla Dawn Cameron 3.5 Stars

A young hunter out on her own for the first time. Her first vampire kill. Her first look at herself as a killer. Not everything is quite what she expected.

Hunter begins with Ryann’s distorted view of the world. Being raised by the church and trained her whole life to rid the world of demons and vampires it is difficult for Ry to buck the system and realize maybe she (and those who are in charge of the Hunters) were wrong. In the real world very little is truly black and white. So can Ry live with herself in the dissolution that it is? Or can she take the risk and experience life by making her own choices and her own real friends (Ellie) for the first time?

The voice Cameron uses to tell this tale is so different from Bloodlines you might think it is not related to Hunter. But then in saunters Zara Lain and there is no doubt, Zara is still the same. It can be appreciated that Cameron used new characters and brings new views. But it will be an anxious wait to the next Demons of Oblivion book where Zara is once again the main character. While we wait at least we get little snippets and references to Zara and Nate, enough to get us through? Hope so.