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Melt - Natalie Anderson A world of frozen white in the middle of nowhere seems like a safe place for a girl with a guarded heart to do her dream job. Safe until she runs into a man that has the potential to break through her guards and melt her heart.

Emma is a girl very easy to relate to. She is experiencing an emotional rush of being able to venture to an exotic locale and paint her heart out. But what fun would a once in a lifetime chance be if there wasn’t a chance at love too? At least that is what Hunter thinks.

Hunter has a magnetism to him that draws people, even if he doesn’t ask for it. Emma can’t resist that but she can spar words with him and make it a challenge. With his own reasons to guard his heart these two have some big icebergs to break through.

Anderson has written a fun quick read with two very real characters. You really feel like you are right there with them seeing the frozen landscape. Beautiful as it seems they don’t spend the whole time looking at snow, they manage to have quite a bit of fun in this desolate place.

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