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Forever and a Day - Delilah Marvelle
If you were a young widow living alone in New York in 1830 you might have given into the bitterness of life, sold your dignity for food, or even married the first slob that came along. That would have been the easier thing to do, give up on your dreams. Georgia is not your normal girl, there is something inside her that wont let her settle for less. And despite being dealt a bad hand still believes in love. That something is what Roderick sees when passing her on the street. It is that something that changes his life forever.

Marvelle has to be an amazing planner because this book is laid out flawlessly. From the moment you step out onto the street with Georgia and Roderick you are captivated. The old amnesia bit might sound old when put that way. But Marvelle brings with it humor and spitfire, a second chance, schemes, and strong love.

This is a great first installment for The Rumor series. If you feel like reading a great historical that gives its characters to stick it to those who look down on them, are changed by love, and have some fun along the way put this next in your to read pile.