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Unclean Spirits - M.L.N. Hanover 3.5 Stars

If you were to suddenly inherit an obscene amount of money and property do you know the first thing you would do? Find out how much you inherited, go shopping, check out one of the places you can now call home, kill some demons. Check, check, check, and...well most of us would skip on that last one.

JaynÉ is a young woman whose world gets turned upside down. When she finds out her uncle left everything to her she sees it as a chance to change her life. But the moment she steps into her uncle’s house and meets the cursed man she changes more than she knows. She is young and inexperienced so she makes mistakes, but she is smart enough to realize she needs talented knowledgeable people around her. This is how her team begins.

The men that JaynÉ picks to work for her are an eclectic bunch. Aubrey is a smart man that makes a stupid choice. Ex cloaks his true intentions, what they and his real feelings are will be an interesting journey to discover. Midian who is cursed yet also provides JaynÉ with guidance and sort of friendship. And last but not least is Chogyi Jake who connects with JaynÉ and seems to have her back.

Well-written characters and a great plot line is what you can expect from book one of The Black Sun’s Daughter. The end leaves the story open, JaynÉ and her new crew ready to rid the world of evil. So much has been hinted at and left so many questions. This is a great way to start a series.

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